De Permanente Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland (PV OESO) behartigt bij de OESO de Nederlandse belangen op de verschillende beleidsterreinen van deze intergouvernementele organisatie.

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Just launched OECD report: "Social Impact Investment: The Impact Imperative for Sustainable Development" (…) . To achieve social impact and the SDGs we need to measure the impact, improve our policies and aim our investments to those who need it the most!

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Today our State Secretary for Finance @Menno_Snel 🇳🇱discussed the key importance of a multilatera#taxax cooperation wit@PSaintAmansns & DSG Schuknecht. Th#OECDCD welcomed the Dutch policy agenda & recently adopted measures. Looking forward to continue closely working

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The Permanent Delegation of the Netherlands 🇳🇱 to the OECD and Dutch staff member@OECDCD wish you a peaceful Holiday Season & a Happy 2019! 🎄

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