De Permanente Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland (PV OESO) behartigt bij de OESO de Nederlandse belangen op de verschillende beleidsterreinen van deze intergouvernementele organisatie.

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On monday our agricultural counsellor @DeelenJG and @AgriParijs received two Nuffield Scholars, @RuthvanderHaar and Ingrid Jansen, at the @OECD and the Dutch embassy to discuss a variety of challenges regarding our food system. Thank you for the interesting conversations.…

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The ambassador of the Netherlands to the @OECD, @GuidoBiessen on the new OECD report on Taxing energy use.…

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The Dutch representation to the OECD is looking for a new intern, starting in the beginning of 2020. Make sure to send your (Dutch) application letter before the 4th of November. Visit our website for more information…

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